PRUMC Church Council Meeting January 3rd, 2017 Minutes


Opening: The meeting was called to order at 5:30 PM by John W. and a prayer given by Pastor Anne.


Minutes: The November 1st, 2016 meeting minutes were read and unanimously approved; (First approval motion by Bill S., seconded by John O).


Outreach/UMW: Rita H. reported that there will be a Fifth Sunday this month with luncheon. They will probably serve chicken (provided) and everyone else will bring a covered dish.


Phyllis W. reported – asked if UMM donated to chair fund. Delane W. said yes, UMM kicked off with $500 donation. Phyllis said UMW will meet on January 11th so they can give chair donation. Also reported on poinsettias in church and Jesus Birthday Party – thanked Rita for behind the scenes work. Bill wanted to get Rita acknowledged in newsletter. Phyllis encouraged UMW to assist Epworth, Phoebe’s Closet – try to keep local.


Treasurer’s Report: John O. provided group with report for period October 31, 2016 to December 31, 2016 (beginning balance is $46,046.35; ending balance is $51,808.47). There is a difference of $814 on budget report and expenditures. $2,960 needed each week for tithes and offerings. Pastor Anne stated that 2016 apportionments are paid and have been for past three years. Bill S. asked what was owed on mortgage. John O. will check and let him know on Sunday.


Old Business: None


New Business: Delane W. reported that she needs to resubmit Financial Policies and Procedures. Changed from two debit cards for church to three and reworded under fundraising policy for UMW (per their treasurer’s request). UMW and UMM are separate from church but their annual audits are done and UMW reports additionally to District UMW. Delane submitted updated version to Pastor Anne and will email document to Edna at church to save electronically. John W. said we need to formally adopt procedures. Council voted with 1st approval motion by Bill S. and seconded by John O.


Finance Report: Delane reported that she is proud of increase in tithes this year. She will do article in newsletter each month. This will give people idea of expenses to keep heat/electricity each month, so they will know where money goes each month on apportionments. Mike S. said he and Tom H. changed bulbs in sanctuary to LED’s but still looks dim. Bill suggested clear glass LED bulb. Pat S. suggested getting committee together to clean carpet and light shades in Fowler Hall. Bill said they looked at wood flooring in Fowler Hall but was not well received. Suggested vinyl.


Financial Secretary: Beth B. reported that contribution statements will be out by end of month.


UMM: No report


Trustees: Bill reported that we have new chairs for Fowler Hall and they are almost paid for by congregation (through chair fund). Also reported he had a few complaints in parsonage. John S. was going to check with tenants and resolve. Bill reported that windows will be installed in January. Pastor Anne, Beth and John O. asked if bids went out for anyone else. Bill said no, being bought and installed for $3900. Beth asked how long it would take to install. Bill said about two weeks. Delane asked what type windows. Bill said thermo plane – more energy efficient. John W. said the fundamental question is do we want more bids. Bill said he can go out and get two more bids. John W. suggested Lowe’s and Grayco. Beth suggested Window World. Bill will go to Lowe’s tomorrow. John W. asked if we are okay to spend money for windows. Delane said yes. Bill is $15,000 under budget and chairs are paid by fundraiser.


Rita reported she ordered belt for shampooer to clean carpet in Fowler Hall ($5 for belt/ $5 for shipping).


Delane asked about chairs — $2,220 has been raised so far; does that included money received for old chairs? John O. said no. John O. will order racks for new chairs – need to raise another $1,147 in chair fund to include racks.


John W. asked Bill to get two more window bids.   Bill will go to Lowe’s, have them come out and give pricing on installing 15 windows. He will get discount and tax exempt letter. He will also go to Grayco tomorrow.


Worship: Vicki Y. asked to add Pat S. also under Worship on newsletter. Pat questioned budget – what was expense for instruments on report? John O. stated it was for tuning of piano and nursery speaker. Vicki asked that if someone buys something that comes under their budget, it must go through Vicki or Pat if over $100. Rita said it can be mandated that any amount go through them for approval first. Pat thanked everyone for Christmas help and mentioned they will have a surprise in church on Sunday.


Education: Rita H. reported for Kim B.; Zero to three children in Sunday school. Bill suggested that we need someone in church dedicated to contact kids to see what their needs are, why they are not attending events. He said until we address this, we are going to question why. Vicki and John W. said it’s just not kids, it’s parents driving kids that aren’t showing up. Bill said if parents are working, he’d be glad to pick up kids and take them home. Phyllis suggested calling or sending bulletin to members. Beth said the kids are showing up on Wednesdays. Bill said church service is different than Wednesday night. John W. asked if since we stopped Children’s Church, do you think that’s why they aren’t coming? Bill sat down with kids and said it was important for them to be involved in church. Pastor Anne mentioned it is the parents that have to take initiative to get children to church. Bill said this is an issue that has to be addressed. Pastor Anne said Laity will need to get involved and reach out – send notes, make phone calls.


Stewardship: No report


Older Adults: No report


Young Adults: No report


Royal Spirits: No report


Communications: Susan T. reported that she met in November with Kyle regarding website. Newsletter has received positive feedback. Send any suggestions or comments to Susan. She will add website address to newsletter. John O. suggested adding service times to website and updating information – it is still from April. Susan will meet with Kyle.


Disaster Relief: No report


Membership/Historian: No report


PPRC: Rita reported that Ray A. accepted position of Choir Director/Organist – no contract. He will play piano one Sunday this month. She also mentioned that a couple of people have voiced issues about hearing message on Sunday mornings. She has contacted Carteret UMC to see how they handle this issue and learned they have transmitters with batteries. Rita will see what they have and pursue costs. Ray said he cannot hear Pastor Anne on Sundays. He also would like piano moved over to side by organ. Rita has sketched drawing to move piano. John W. wants council to weigh in – not just Trustees or PPRC – before making changes.


John W. was approached by church member and asked why piano was not being played. Next step is what does congregation want, but piano can be played once a month. Pastor Anne initiated that he play piano on Fifth Sunday this month. Delane mentioned that she knows someone who plays piano who is planning on visiting church in January. She will ask her to stay after and play piano and potentially coordinate with Ray to play during a service. Rita said Ray will continue to add music notes to newsletter. Pastor Anne has invited Ray once a month on Wednesday nights to come in and give background of his works. He has agreed to lead Bible study on Wednesday nights. Vicki suggested that congregation from her other church would sing a song every Sunday for a month to learn new songs.


Lay Leadership: No report


Pastor’s Report: Pastor Anne reported that she has an issue to discuss – CPTED issue. The nursery is so far removed from congregation. We need to move nursery closer to where adults are – possibly move to room off Narthex. Where can we put our nursery? A suggestion was made to turn bride’s room into nursery. If we lock door, you have to have person manning door to unlock it. Pat said she worked nursery by herself and then Vicki helped at night with her. She said it should not be one person in nursery. Bill said there are two things to do – problem is no bars on windows or doors and no panic button. Pat said we definitely need two workers at all times with nursery. Pastor Anne said in fall, Pastors had to attend “safe sanctuary” meetings and we cannot keep putting off issue, must address – suggested getting teens to assist. She reminded us that anyone working with children must have background check.   Also, mentioned she has another lady in mind to help with nursery. John W. suggested that ushers go to check nursery during service. Bill asked what happens if no kids show up? Nursery worker is paid regardless. Pat said, if for now, we just get second person and panic button. Rita agreed and that for night events in Fowler Hall we use old Sunday School room in back. Bill suggested alarm button is best option. Pastor Anne asked of Finance and Treasurer – can we pay extra person? $2,400 budgeted for year. Pastor Anne will start working immediately on second worker for nursery.


Pastor Anne had four people going with her from church for meeting this weekend. Meeting is still on but checking weather patterns for weekend – Bishop will not make decision to cancel until later in week.


Pastor Anne reminded council that Ash Wednesday is March 1st, Palm Sunday is April 9th and Easter is April 16th. She and Ray have planned worship and music up to June. She was disappointed Christmas Eve and Day with low turnouts but heard from other churches that had low turnouts as well. She is going to ask members who have time to send out cards to inactive members. Vicki added — most important — ask them to do a job that actually means something, make people feel like they are needed. Beth suggested getting older youth to go check on nursery during service.


Miscellaneous: Beth and John O. suggested council meetings be held Sunday after church. Next meeting would be Sunday, March 12th at 12:30 PM.


NEXT MEETING: Sunday, March 12th at 12:30 PM in Fowler Hall; standing meeting every two months.


Closing: Pastor Anne led group in closing prayer; meeting adjourned at 6:57 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Tammy Szucs

Recording Secretary

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