PRUMC Church Council Meeting July 5th, 2016 Minutes

Opening: The meeting was called to order at 5:30 PM by John Wells and a prayer given by Pastor Anne Bridgers.


Minutes: The May 3rd, 2016 meeting minutes were read and unanimously approved; (1st approval motion by Bill Strader, seconded by Venita Shetzer).


Old Business: John Wells asked Bill/Trustees, when would the “No Smoking” signs be posted. He offered to help Bill with this. John O’Neill suggested ordering them online.


New Business: Beth Brittman asked about new chairs for Fowler Hall. Bill said the Trustees are talking about this. She also asked about carpet in Fowler Hall. Bill said he has flooring in budget. Delane Wells questioned about chairs to Bill – campaign or budget. Bill has $3,900 in budget to replace windows in Fowler Hall. He will delay that process and put in chairs; suggested 100 new chairs. Chairs have not been picked out yet by Trustees. Bill is investigating options online. John O. looked up online and found option for $2,000. John W. would like to get sample chair and then get input from Friday workers, since they move them. Pastor Anne and Beth reminded the group that they move chairs on Wednesdays. Mike Szucs suggested aluminum frame because they would be lightweight. John W. agreed with Bill to do campaign for new chairs and not take money away from windows for Fowler Hall. Bill suggested contributing to program in conjunction with love offering from individuals. John W. suggested offering chair option out to congregation. Delane would be willing to be point person to head up chair campaign. “Keister Fund” — UMM could give some money. John O. will get one chair for Trustees to see.


John W. reminded the council that the Book of Discipline states that first item on agenda should be a report from the UMW/Evangelism/Outreach. This will be moved up on agenda for future meetings.


Treasurer’s Report: John O. provided group with report for period May 1, 2016 to June 30, 2016 (beginning balance is $35,443.79; ending balance is $44,145.19). There were $2,800 in expenditures; $10,000 in parsonage.


Bill asked if we need more money in parsonage moving fund. John O. said no. John W. reminded group that council agreed to cap this at $10,000.


John O. informed council that all monies due are back in General Fund ($211.92 from choir; $593.47 from Memorial Fund from Phoebe’s Closet for food; $5,660.85 from Royal Spirits for expenditures).


Worksheets for upcoming budget


Pastor Anne asked if we were up on apportionments so far and John O. said yes.


John W. questioned the numbers on actual show what’s been expensed to date. John O. confirmed. John W. asked about Royal Spirits expenses. John O. said it is a wash between reports.


Education is at 94% of their budget because of Sunday school. John W. mentioned that adult Sunday school agreed to start paying for their study books. Delane mentioned about kids Sunday school. Beth reminded council about Resource Center that we could use.


Finance Report: Delane reported; no meetings have been held since last council meeting. Review of Treasurer’s report was done and copies distributed to all members of Finance Committee.


The Pastor and chair of SPRC have been keeping Delane up to date on status of Music Director. All offers have been made with our current budget; no one has accepted within current operating budget.


Monthly reviews have been done on church Operating Account, Memorial Fund and furniture/parsonage fund. Furniture/parsonage fund now has maximum amount required to be on deposit. No further deposits will occur unless an expense is done.


Spreadsheets reflect monies held in Memorial fund have been reviewed for Phoebe’s Closet (blankets and food), choir and Royal Spirits. As money comes in and goes out to General Fund for these entities, spreadsheets are the best way we have to track activity.


Need to review policy/procedure on what to do with designated funds assigned to various projects/entities within the church. Should they route through Memorial Fund? If no designation is requested, should those funds go into Operating Account? Bill said if not specified, it goes into Operating Account.


Newsletter articles include information on tithing verification with member numbers. We have had a few members ask for their numbers and those have been provided.


Counter schedule has been made through September 2016 and distributed to all counters.


Will be notifying Finance Committee members to be on standby for a called meeting to gather and approve budgets. These will then be submitted to Church Council for approval to be ready for Charge Conference.


Delane passed out worksheets. Bill asked where we are on mortgage – we are still doing quarterly.


Financial Secretary: No report


Outreach/UMW: Phyllis reported; Salkahatchie “Taco Tuesday” was successful. Next event is annual bazaar. UMM are working on birdhouses. UMW is off for July and August.


UMM: No report


Trustees: Bill reported; Windows are on budget for Fowler Hall. Metal stripping completed. Carpet in administrative offices and Fowler Hall and new chairs for Fowler Hall are on list. Pastor Anne asked Bill if he could check with exterminator about spraying.

Worship: No report


Education: No report


Stewardship: Pastor Anne asked Mike if he foresaw a time when he would like her to do next sermon. Mike suggested around October. Delane’s next newsletter article will be about budgeting.


Older Adults: No report


Young Adults: No report


Royal Spirits: No report


Communications: No report


Disaster Relief: John O. asked about “flood buckets”. We could use them for people in Virginia. Pastor Anne went online and wants next noisy offering to go to West Virginia flood victims through UMCOR – Henriann will coordinate. Beth suggested finding church in West Virginia to adopt. Pastor Anne has printed off information from internet with a list of needs from flooding.


Membership/Historian: Venita reported; two new members are joining on July 17th.


PPRC: Rita Harmon reported; one gentleman came in last Wednesday to interview. Concerns because salary is over – he will only consider $11,000 per year. He wants more detailed job description. He also wants equipment moved. Rita suggested we bring him in for 3 or 6 month period before moving any equipment. He lives in Okatie. John W. asked where we left it with him. Rita told him we would get back with him. Pastor Anne made a call to someone yesterday as another option. Betty is not an option. Jeff is only available one more time. Ad is still in newsletter for organist guild.


Lay Leadership: Beth reported; Next school at Carteret Street UMC; applications in office


Pastor’s Report: Pastor Anne reported; Young lady has been meeting with her. She will be baptized and joining the church on July 17th. Formal wedding planned for August 12th here at church. Delane is the wedding planner for church. Reception will not be here. She has given young lady facility agreement form.


Scott called and kids are having a wonderful time at Lake Junaluska – very engaged; revival speaker will talk with their group.


Pastor Anne reminded council to please prepare budget reports for Delane. August 2nd is the set up meeting in Walterboro. Charge Conference and apportionments will be set then.


Pastor Anne thanked Rita for her diligence in looking for a Music Coordinator. Also thanked Phyllis for her work with “Taco Tuesday” – was best one yet. Also thanked Beth and John O. for new sign.


According to conference calendar, July 17th will start her sixth year with our church.


Miscellaneous Discussion: Delane would like budget reports back a week from this next Sunday.


NEXT MEETING: TBA (driven by Charge Conference date)


Closing: Pastor Anne led group in closing prayer; meeting adjourned at 6:22 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Tammy M. Szucs

Recording Secretary


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