The meeting was held on May 3, 2016

Pastor Anne opened the meeting with a prayer at John Well’s request. Then the business of the meeting began.

The minutes from the last meeting were read by the council and approved with no corrections needed.

The finance report was presented by John O’Neill—tithing is at 80% for the 4 month period which was up from 72% for the same time frame last year. However we are still under budgeted amount.

Old Business—pens and brochures for visitors—pens have been ordered and it was decided to replace the brochures with our newsletter.

New Business—Kip will deliver the slushes tomorrow to Helena Place and he expressed thanks to those who have helped in the past to get these to the home.

Royal Spirits—will have a carwash in June to help raise the money needed for summer bible camp—camp this year will be from July 3-7 in Lake Junaluska in North Carolina—there are 16 going to camp—cutoff for camp registration was May 15th—the spaghetti dinner was a success—thanks to Beth and John for helping with this fund raiser.

Communications—Susan Toenniessen—have had good feedback on the changes to the newsletter—will start adding a new section in June about the history of PRUMC as well as history of the United Methodist Church in general.

Finance Committee—Delane Wells—expressed pleasure working with John O’Neill—approved counters for Sunday offertory are in place—there will be a spending review audit conducted—there were several bank account charges that were reviewed for accuracy and corrections were made where needed—the salary range was set for the new Music Director when we hire one—the love offering that was collected for Kip and Brenda was much appreciated by them—Delane is working on getting the corrections that are needed for the Piano Plaque and it will be hung along with the plaque for the organ as soon as these corrections are completed.

Education—Rita Harmon—Meeting on May 4th for VBS 1 day event—we have materials for VBS for years to come—Sunday after VBS during the children’s moment the kids will give a report of what they did.

Membership—Tammy and Venita are working on the membership rolls to have them up to date.

SPPRC—Rita Harmon—still working on finding a new Music Director—a job description was written for this position in general terms for the applicants to review.

Trustees—John O’Neill—washer & dryer have been donated for Phoebe’s Closet and he asked about the possibility of removing the old furnace and setting up a laundry room for them to be able to wash the donated clothing before putting it out for clients—trustees will need to get estimates for this to be done.

Worship—Kip Werts—will conduct Acolyte training again for the Acolytes

Methodist Men—John Wells—the fish fry in February was a success and they are deciding where to spend the money raised.

Pastor’s Report—Pastor Anne—there will be a Music Fest on May 29 with no dinner as this is Memorial Day weekend—4 people attending Stephen Ministries training on May 7th—August 2nd will be the setup meeting for Pastors for the annual charge conferences—dates will be set at this meeting for all churches in the district—budgets for next year need to be ready.

Miscellaneous—Beth Brittman—there has been money donated for an irrigation system to be installed—getting estimates for this work to be done—the church sign will be cleaned and the top will be painted red to match the church building and there will be climbing ivy planted—waiting for approval from the town to be able to hang our own banner above the sign about upcoming events for the church such as the bazaar—Beth is donating new plants as well as grass for the grounds.


This concluded the business of the council for this meeting and the meeting was closed by a prayer given by Pastor Anne.


The next meeting is scheduled for July 5, 2016 and as always everyone is invited to attend.

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