PRUMC Church Council Meeting September 6th, 2016 Minutes


Opening: The meeting was called to order at 5:32 PM by John Wells and a prayer given by Pastor Anne Bridgers.


Minutes: The July 5th, 2016 meeting minutes were read and unanimously approved; (1st approval motion by John O’Neill, seconded by Venita Shetzer).


Old Business: None


New Business: Delane Wells asked about chairs. Pastor Anne asked John O. if he checked price. John O. will send email for bulk purchase to see if we could get them cheaper than $20/ea. (need 100 chairs). He will work on this. Kip Werts asked if we wanted folding chairs with pads and group said “no”, want folding chairs with plastic. Kip asked what we were going to spend on chairs. John O. said $2,000 max. Kip said he would check his contacts to see if he can find used option. Beth Brittman said she would rather have new chairs. Delane said we were looking at doing fundraiser but also looking at Trustees budget if we hold off on windows. John W. likes option of doing fundraising effort but is okay with Trustees option – but wants new windows, too. Delane asked if guy that Kip knows would take our old chairs. Tammy Szucs mentioned recycling.


Kip will tell Bill Strader there is a limb hanging over line in back parking lot.


John W. reported that the Nomination Committee met and has come up with slate of people for next year’s leadership spots. Council has to consider names and hopefully approve group of people.


Pastor Anne reported that new nominees for Class of 2019 have all agreed to serve. Also, reported that Older Adults is now being led by two people. Deb & Scott have resigned from Young Adults. Chair of Education and Church School is now handled by Kim Bogan.


Delane asked about Outreach.   Also asked how committee members are notified. She said we need to make sure information goes out through chairs. Pastor Anne said Edna will make copies and Delane suggested putting in newsletters — explain what it means to be on a class. John W. suggested sending a letter to each committee member. Beth and Delane suggested text messaging. John W. suggested installation service – people think they are not part of a committee, when in fact they are.


Treasurer’s Report: John O. provided group with report for period January 2016 to August 2016 (as of August 31st $46,284.17 is in General Fund).


John W. noticed that it looks like several will be over budget by end of year.


John O. mentioned that “Literature” has some money back in fund because of reimbursements by Adult Sunday school class. PPRC has special projects and he has added line item. “Income” is 59% of budget for year.


John W. asked if “Missions & Outreach” expense is for Boston butts. John O. confirmed, yes.


Consideration/Approval of CY17 (Church Year 2017) Nominations and Leadership Development: Motion to approve by John O. and seconded by Delane


Consideration/Approval of CY17 Budget: Motion to approve by Venita Shetzer and seconded by John. O.

Finance Report: Delane is working on report for Finance Committee to Charge Conference. She asked if Church Council needed to approve internal financial control policies. John W. asked if she and John O. could meet and review policy and present to Church Council at next meeting.


Delane reported that she had Finance Committee meeting that came up with final copy of CY17 budget. Finance Committee would like to approve $153,848.96 – reduction from 2016 budget. Expenses to add are new website under Church Council budget. Apportionments went up for 2017.


John W. mentioned two noteworthy things which are a reduced budget by nearly $3,000 but able to do increase for employees and apportionments. He said that it suggests chair people looked at budgets and were still able to reduce budget significantly. At conference the DS will ask if we increased Pastor’s budget and housing costs.


Pastor Anne commended Delane on their efforts.


Financial Secretary: No report


Outreach/UMW: No report


UMM: No report


Trustees: No report


Worship: Kip will order one gross of vigil lights. He will call Pastor Anne tomorrow.


Education: No report


Stewardship: No report


Older Adults: No report


Young Adults: No report


Royal Spirits: No report


Communications: No report


Disaster Relief: No report


Membership/Historian: Venita reported that a couple joined the church in July and married at church in August.

PPRC: No report


Lay Leadership: Beth reported they had a successful Lay Leadership school. Pastor Anne said they were down in numbers for district but still good. Next school will be at Carteret in March.


Pastor’s Report: Pastor Anne reported that she is working with Ray on planning services through December. The first Sunday we will celebrate the Festival of Lessons & Carols on December 4th. They came up with getting battery operated candles for service. Last Sunday of November will be first Sunday of Advent. Rays seems to be very excited about being with us. She has been pleased working with him.


A gentleman that interviewed for the Music Director position saw our website and called. He asked if our church would be interested in him putting on a one hour concert. Pastor Anne told him she would have to present to Church Council. Beth asked if we would take up a love offering. Kip said we can let local schools know. Delane suggested getting with St. Mark’s.


Pastor Anne asked if anyone needed a dishwasher.


Pastor Anne will be attending a mandatory Pastor’s Meeting in Walterboro on Monday about sexual ethics training and safe sanctuary. September 22nd Pastor Anne goes to meet with Rev. Pearson and on September 29th he will be here for our Charge Conference.


Miscellaneous Discussion: John W. reported that the Bishop has given two initiatives for 2017. 1) “Bikes for World” where 1,000 SC churches will come up with these to donate and 2) two churches in upper part of state are going to sponsor building two homeless shelters. Bishop wants to add four more houses in area for homeless. Two worthwhile causes.


NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, November 1st at 5:30 PM in Fowler Hall; standing meeting every two months.


Closing: Pastor Anne led group in closing prayer; meeting adjourned at 6:17 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Tammy M. Szucs

Recording Secretary

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