I wanted to start out this month’s article by going back to some basic concepts of how we handle God’s money. By virtue of our baptism by water and the Spirit, God calls all Christians to faithful discipleship.  Servant leaders in our church are entrusted with the precious and vital task of managing and using God’s gifts in the ongoing work of transformation.


Giving is celebrating and showing how grateful we are for what God has given us and what God is doing in our lives. The joy of showing gratefulness, and showing thankfulness to God; that is the secret of the joy of giving.


Let’s look at Proverbs 3:9-10 – “Honor the Lord with your substance and with the first fruits of all your produce, then your barns will be filled with plenty.” I love this scripture as it guides me and my family to honor the Lord with what I have been given and to always put my first fruits of what I make and earn ahead of anything else.  He has never failed me with making sure my barns are filled with what I need.


As we are getting ready to establish our budget for next year, please pray for the leadership of the church that we make sound decisions with God’s money.


As reflected in our weekly bulletins, we run short every year in fulfilling our hope for the ministries of the church. When these shortages occur, something must take a back seat or be eliminated.


I thank each of you for your continued support of our church and we look to 2019 with great anticipation for doing God’s work together.



Delane Wells – Finance Chair

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