Happy New Year!     As we walk with God into 2018, prayers and blessings to you all.

Here is a recap of 2017 expenses and accomplishments in the area of our church finances:

We paid $8,958.27 to SCE&G for our electricity/gas.

We paid $1,068.54 to BJWSA for our water.

We paid $1,557.51 to Century link for our phone and internet costs.

We paid $8,673.50 for our insurance.

We paid our 2017 apportionments 100% at $16,546.00.

Purchased chair carts to store our new chairs in Fowler Hall.

New windows were installed in Fowler Hall.

Purchased hearing devices for use in our sanctuary.

Paid web design costs for our website.

Purchased new microwave for Fowler Hall.

Purchased new blinds for Fowler Hall.

Irrigation system installed in portions of church grounds.

Contracted with a yard service to assist with maintaining church grounds.

Purchased new TV, DVD player, and TV mount hardware for Fowler Hall.

Repaired dishwasher in scullery.

New flooring was laid in Finance room, Pastor’s office, and church office.

All of this as well as paying our taxes, salaries, numerous small projects, special meals for various events and funerals and making extra quarterly payments to our mortgage were paid.

Some of these projects were funded through our Memorial account as well as special donations.

Our support of the church allows us to do these improvements as well as provide funds for our various outreach missions.

We had a great year doing God’s work.   Let’s stay the course.



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