Annual conference has come and gone and what a great time I had as the alternate delegate. The entire experience stirs my soul. The worship services are spirit led and I always come away with this refreshed feeling of hope and encouragement.  The work we do as Methodists is a blessing to all that we serve and assist.  In addition, our dollars that we give go to help support so many agencies and programs.  We had two full days of various reports from our college campus ministries, our camp and retreat programs, our aging homes, our children supported programs and homes, as well as fulfilling our obligations to conference for ministerial support.  Thank you to each of you; as you support the “church” you are a part of every one of these programs.

I wanted to share with you the special offerings that were taken on Sunday night and Monday night worship services. Sunday night the collection supported buying booklets titled “Strength for Service” and are distributed free to military personnel being deployed and to public servants such as firefighters, police officers and EMT’s.  The total collected was a little over $12,000.00.   Monday night the collection supported the fund to assist with scholarships for new ministers who need assistance with education.  The total collected was a little over $13,000.00.  Our church gave $100.00 to each collection.

Next, I wanted to let you know that the delegates voted to approve the 2019 budget for the South Carolina Conference. The budget is $17,008,921.00.  This is a slight increase from 2018.  This only has meaning for us as we support the budget through a portion of our apportionments.   I was able to attend a workshop on how apportionments are determined and I will be passing this along to my committee.

Now for something closer to home. Please stay tuned to upcoming information regarding our local budget workshop.   Charge Conference for us will be just around the corner and we have to have our budget for next year completed and approved by Church Council.  As soon as I have a workshop date I will let those Chairpersons and key officers in the church know.   I am looking at a tentative date of around the end of August or first of September.

Thanks again for allowing me to be a part of the representation to conference.


Delane Wells

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