A special thank you to everyone who made a special Mother’s Day donation to the Epworth Children’s Home. This annual offering supports the children of Epworth and our church always is generous to give.

As Memorial Day weekend approaches we are reminded of the start of summer. I hope you all have vacation plans to get away to refresh, renew, and enjoy time with family and friends.  Summer time usually affects our budget the most as folks are away.  Just a quick reminder that the expenses of our church still go on whether we are here or not. Let’s continue to support the church, just like God stays constant in his love and blessings to us “ALL” the time.

At our last church council meeting it was voted to allow the trustees monies to work on some improvements to our sanctuary. The committee on Trustees will be gathering estimates to look at some projects that are critical to keeping the sanctuary safe and presentable.  Also, monies were approved to take a look at how we can advertise and grow our congregation.   We have several projects in this category that various folks are looking into.  If you are asked to assist with either of these, I hope you will be receptive in helping.   This is OUR church together.

I want to take this time to say a huge thank you to everyone who gives of their time, talents, gifts and service to our church. You are making a difference!



Delane – Finance Chair


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