The month of August is already upon us and summer time is heading into the end stretch! It seems as though we just started our summer here in the Low Country.  I hope that each of you will enjoy the time left of the summer season.


Port Royal UMC is beginning to prepare for our upcoming Charge Conference.  Our date for that important meeting will be announced very soon, as I will be attending the Set-up Meeting on Thursday, August 2, in Walterboro.  It is at that time that the District Superintendent will meet with all the pastors in the Walterboro District and give us our individual packets with all the pertinent information for the upcoming Church Charge Conferences.


Meetings will be forthcoming for the individual committees to prepare their work for this time.  Please start working on the budgets for the committees, as this information is vital for preparing our church budget for the coming year.


As we look forward to end of summer and the beginning of our fall season, I hope that you will make a commitment to attend the Wednesday night suppers and Bible study/activities that are being planned.  Some exciting things are in the works for this time of fellowship and study.  We will begin an exciting Bible study when we return to our Wednesday night meetings.  Also, our Sunday school needs students!  Come and learn!!


I look forward to continuing the work that God has called us all to do for His honor and glory.  We may be a small church, but we have a big heart and much love for one another and for those who will come and worship with us.


May you always experience the blessings of God in your life,


Your pastor,


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