Dear Friends,

Through the dark days of winter, it’s hard to remember that spring is coming.  Night falls early, chills seem endless, and we long for just one flower to poke out of the cold ground.  But, even in winter, the days begin to grow longer, and we slowly move toward the next season when everything comes to life again.  The rhythm of the natural world is a beautiful reminder of the hope of Christ—that the problems of this world are only one season of life.

We have experienced the full effects of winter here in the Low Country with the snow fall and the extremely cold days.  But, our hope is that spring is “around the corner” and our spirits are lifted.  With all of this having been said, we now look ahead to our events here in the church.  Please note the following:

Ash Wednesday is February 14 (also Valentine’s Day).  I will be here early in the morning—by 7:30 AM—for those of you who may want to come by the Sanctuary to have prayer and receive the imposition of the ashes.  (Several of you elected to come by early last year so that you could wear the cross of ashes during your day.)  As you know, this marks the beginning of the Lenten season.  We will have an Ash Wednesday service in the Sanctuary that Wednesday night at 6:30 PM, following our supper.  Please mark your calendars so that you will be in attendance for this important time in the life of our church.

The months of February and March will run closely together.  Look forward to the March events that will be posted at the beginning of that month.

Just so you know, there is always room for you in Sunday School!  Our Adult class meets in the Fellowship Hall, the Young Adult class meets in the room off the Narthex, and the Youth Sunday School class meets in the Zoller Room (behind the Sanctuary).  The only requirement for any of these classes is a desire to learn and a willingness to listen and ask questions.  The invitation is always open to all who will come and join us at 9:30 AM.

I would like to take this time to encourage each one of you to come out on Wednesday evening for the supper and fellowship in the Fellowship Hall, followed by the Bible Study.  Right now, we are studying the Book of James.  There is always lively discussion and numerous questions raised during this time of study.  It is a wonderful time of studying, listening and learning.  Won’t you join us?

It has been brought to my attention that we have not had a movie in quite some time.  The suggestion was made that we have this time together one Sunday afternoon after church service.  If you would like this, please share your interest with me.  The movie “The Shack” is the next one on our list. (By the way, I have seen it once and it is wonderful!).

God bless you always as we move into our 2018 year with hope and expectation that God is leading us in the work that He has called us to do.


Blessings always,

Your Pastor, Anne

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