Happy 2018 to all!  As we usher in this New Year, let us consider that it is a gift of time.  How will the next twelve months unfold?  We may experience times of accomplishment and times of failure.  A medical concern, a family sorrow, or a crisis may arise.  And there will be occasions for rejoicing—a new child in the family, a new work responsibility, or an old friend who surfaces on Facebook.  All our seasons, all our days, bring us measures of hope and happiness, challenge and change.

As this year begins, you might consider how to approach the coming year as an opportunity for spiritual growth.  Can you learn to be mindfully present in the moment, receptive to grace, willing to learn and to continue the powerful process of transformation?  What seeds that were planted long ago might bear fruit? What blessing of God’s gifts might you be ready to live into?  As the days unfold, may you be strengthened by the sense of God’s presence in all things that measure our days.

I pray that as we welcome the New Year we will gratefully receive our days as a gift from God, who is the God of all our years, and return His gift in work and joy, prayer and action, wisdom and faith.


May God bless you always,

Your Pastor, Anne


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