As the month of July comes to us, I hope that each and every one of you are enjoying your summer.  It is indeed hot—some days very hot already.  I can only imagine what the month of August will be like as far as the temperatures are here in the Low Country.


Speaking of “I Can Only Imagine”—the movie will be shown during the month of July.  I am so glad that we are having movie time here at the church during our summer months.  Watch for the date and time of the movie for the month.  Come out and enjoy the fellowship and a great movie.  Both will be inspiring.


Just a reminder:  the Set up Meeting for the Walterboro District will be held on August 2 in the evening.  At this time our District Superintendent will give each of the Walterboro District pastors their packets containing all the pertinent information for the upcoming Charge Conferences—dates, necessary paperwork, etc.


ALL COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS: please take note—it is time now to begin planning your respective committee meetings and budgets.  Get your dates into the church office so that they can be posted on the church calendar.  The Finance Committee Chair will give us a date when these budgets need to be submitted to this committee in order to prepare the church budget for the Charge Conference and the new church year.


During the month of July your humble pastor will be taking a few days for a vacation, as I have been reminded that I have not had one in quite some time.  So, with that said—I will be away from the Church beginning July 12 and will return on July 24.  Reverend Grable Page has graciously agreed to “fill in for me” during my absence.  He will be preaching on both July 15 and the 22nd.  I know just how much this church loves Grable, so I was thrilled when he accepted my invitation to return to the pulpit and to be on call for me during this time.  So, I will leave you in the best of hands.  Of course, I will always be a phone call away.


Enjoy your summer—it is already passing by too quickly.



Blessings always,

Your humble pastor,



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