Dear Church Family,


As we look to the month of March, let us be reminded of the Lenten season and what this means for our church and our church family.



Please note the following dates and make plans to be part of the services that will be taking place during this special time in our church.


March 25—Palm Sunday

March 26-March 30—Holy Week Services, which will be held in

Fowler Hall.  A light breakfast will be                          served each morning, beginning at 7 AM.


Our Holy Week Visiting Pastors are as follows:

Monday, March 26—Rev. Roy Tripp, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

Tuesday, March 27—Rev. Grable Page

Wednesday, March28—Rev. John (J.) Woods, Peniel, Sandy Dam,

Mt.Carmel UMC

Thursday, March 29—Rev. Frank Lybrand, Carteret Street UMC

Friday, March 30—Rev. Brian Preveaux, St. Luke’s UMC


Friday, March 30—Good Friday Service, beginning at 6:30 PM in the Sanctuary.


Easter Sunday, April 1!  We are Easter People, and as God’s children let us come together to celebrate our risen Savior!



The Lay Servant School will be held on March 3-4 at St. George UMC.  We have a group attending classes again this time.  I encourage any and all who may be interested in furthering your knowledge of Methodism and in being with a wonderful group of people from our District to make plans in the future to attend a school.  It will be a wonderful learning experience.  Please note: that just because you attend the school does not mean that you MUST preach.  This is completely up to you and the Lord’s leading.


As springtime approaches, won’t you give consideration to coming to Sunday School?  Won’t you consider inviting a friend or perhaps a family member or members to come to Church with you?  We are all disciples for Jesus, and, therefore, we are called to extend an invitation to others to come and join us in worship.  We would love to see our Sunday School classes grow—The Adult Class, which meets in the Fellowship Hall; the Grace and Gratitude Class, which meets in the room off the Narthex; the Youth Class, which meets in the Zoller Room, which is behind the Sanctuary.  We would love to have children come and to be part of this wonderful learning time.  This is the time when we all can grow in our understanding of the Scriptures.  Knowing the Bible stories is fundamental to our children’s growth in their faith walk.


Wednesday Night is a wonderful time to gather during the middle of the week for supper and Bible Study.  Kids for Christ is also a time of singing and learning for our Youth.  The fellowship and gathering is a time to recharge for the rest of the week ahead.  I encourage you to come and join in as we meet together to share a delicious meal and to delve into God’s Word.  Personally I love this time of the week, as it affords us the opportunity to have informal discussions and to share our personal life stories.


As God’s people, let us look to our Lord for guidance and direction as we work together to help our Church grow and become a vital part of this community.



Blessings always,

Pastor Anne


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