With the month of November having arrived, PRUMC is ready to kick into high gear in preparation for this month’s activities, events.

First let us be reminded of the services that will be part of worship here in our church.  Mark these dates on your calendars to be here to worship with us, as we praise our God and observe these special days.  The first Sunday, November 5, is All Saints Sunday.  The second Sunday, November 12, is our Veterans Day Sunday. This Sunday will especially be one that you will want to be a part of the service.  On Sunday, November 19, we will have our Thanksgiving Service.  We have so many blessings in our lives, and we should thank God for them all, not just at Thanksgiving but each and every day.  And, then the last Sunday, November 26, we will celebrate Christ the King.  Each service is important in the life of our church.  Plan to be here and be part of each one.

Then, we must prepare for our famous Bazaar and Boston Butt sale!  What a reputation this event has in this community!  Folks in the community often ask: “When are you having your bazaar?”  See Beth or John for tickets and sell as many as you can.  All of this—bazaar items and Boston Butts—help our church!  Mark your calendars for November 4th!

The year 2017 is quickly drawing to a close, and this month will fly by as we entered into December.  I save all comments on this time for the next newsletter.

Meanwhile, enjoy this beautiful month.  Autumn is a special time of the year and we are blessed to live in an area where we have the privilege of witnessing the changing of the seasons.  Autumn leaves are usually spectacular!


A reminder from Helen Steiner Rice’s poetry:


“Things to Be Thankful  For…”

“The good, green earth beneath our feet,

The air we breathe, the food we eat,

Some work to do, a goal to win,

A hidden longing deep within

That spurs us on to bigger things

And helps us meet what each day brings,

All these things and many more

Are things we should be thankful for…

And most of all our thankful prayers

Should rise to God because He cares!”


Blessings for the month ahead and for always,


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